Day 46

I always knew that one day everyone would realise that I am a total cool cat. Down with the kids. Totes street. Today is that day. This is because today I got an actual piercing at the top of my ear.

I have been harping on about doing lots of new things this year, to try and take my mind off not drinking any of the lovely drinks. And also to take my mind off the fact I’m super mental. Aside from the tattoo (which is still on the cards fyi), the other thing I wanted to do was get something else pierced. Only on my ear though, because even I know my limits when it comes to being cool. I may have talked a lot about possibly doing it sometime soon, because when I got to work this morning 2 of my most fave friends told me they were taking me to get punctured (their words) at lunch time as my birthday present. How awesome are they?

In order to get a piercing, we needed to go into what I like to call “A really cool but scary sop where I absolutely do not fit in”. It was ok though, because my two lovely friends know all about cool stuff so I managed to blend in alongside them. This is because I am both stealthy and adaptable.

An awesome lady named Olive (I love that name, stupid HH vetoed it when we had the babies) pierced my ear, and she was super fast. I didn’t even realise what had happened until I left the shop armed with tea tree oil and salt. It was in no way less down with the kids just because she had to check my glasses wouldn’t catch on the piercing first. Oh no. The world was my actual oyster because I was a cool confident woman who had artistically expressed myself with a piercing. Even HH loves having such a cool wife, I can tell.

HH is at work tonight but I have the lovely company of my littlest little sister who is staying with us whilst the parents are away. She mostly snapchats stuff, but sometimes she will talk to me which is nice.

I’m feeling a little better today after seeing my best friend the therapist yesterday. I told her absolutely all of the reasons why I felt I was becoming super mental again, and she told me all of the things I have done that I should be proud of. I love therapy.

She has also been talking to me for a while about introducing a new way of working together. I was a teeny weeny bit surprised at this because I know she totally loves hearing me obsess about all of the things for an hour, often without stopping for breath. But I know she really wants to help me so I am happy to do whatever she says. The new way of working has a long and complicated name that I don’t understand but it is all to do with eye movements. We had a little practice yesterday and it turns out, I am ace at all therapies. For this one, I have to use my eyes and follow my best friend the therapists fingers as she waves them about a bit. I didn’t let them out of my sight even once, so I’m certain that I will be cured really soon.

Today I am grateful for the following*;

1 – Lovely early birthday gifts

2 – Fast dry nail varnish drops

3 – A cosy bed

Toria x

*It is a given that I am absolutely always grateful for all of the coffee.


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